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The story behind

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned on 2 June 1953. Over 20 million people watched the BBC coverage of the coronation. Many of them crowded around friend's or neighbour's TV receiver to watch television for the first time. The broadcast was made in 44 languages.

For the first time ever, people of Britain could watch a Monarch's Coronation in their own homes, live. The earlier anouncement that the crowning would be televised caused the sales of TV sets rocket.

Social experience

In mid-fifties television held regular service for slightly longer than two decades. With not more than 50% of households with TV sets, television was a truly social experience at that time. But even 16 years later, when the first man put his foot on the Moon, people still gathered to watch important and amusing moments among others.

3D footbal game transmited in a London pub

Today you'll find more than one TV set in many houses. Each of them having access to hundreds of channels. TV is now more personal than ever before. Family members watch programs they find interesting, sitting comfortable on their couches, at kitchen tables, or staying in beds.

Hi-definition, high frequency, 3D flat panels replaced old, big tubes. But people's desire to participate in big moments and entartain together hasn't changed. First 3D footbal game transmision in 2010 gathered thousands sport fans in London's pubs.

The way to go

Television has changed. This is a non-disputable fact. All the technological novelties bring the picture of perfect quality to our homes. Camera is closer to the action than ever before. In your living room, you'll see more than attendees of live events. But has the way we watch TV changed that much? People still switch on their TV sets and watch whatever's on. And hundreds of channels doesn't make it easier to choose from and watch what you're really going to like.

Filmater aims to unify the social experience of watching TV and the comfort it gives at your home, delivering technologies which let you explore inexhaustible content, according to your mood, taste, and interests, and interact with everyone who decided to become the explorer like you!